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Welcome to Acorn Academy Cornwall, you will be getting your education from us for a variety of reasons, this website is designed to help you get to the information you might need as easily as possible, we are here to help you achieve your full potential.

What our Alternative Provision Academies can offer you:

In all our APA Academy settings staff recognise that you may have experienced a whole range of situations resulting in behaviour patterns, including trauma, separation, anxiety and loss, leading to you being placed at one of our schools.

Consequently we aim to provide an academic, emotional, social and behavioural development curriculum which enables you to succeed in your learning and positively improve your communication skills for life. The objective is to enable you to return to a longer term, and more mainstream, educational provision.

Ingredients for our approach includes recognition that you might also need support in control of emotions, reactions, increasing motivation, self-esteem and knowledge and understanding of the world. So every day we offer you the following:


  1. Learning is understood developmentally – Our aim is to raise levels of Maths, English and Science alongside academic expectations of mainstream schools. As well as the academic curriculum, we have a specialist ‘nurture’ social, emotional wellbeing, behavioural focussed curriculum.
  2. Classrooms offer a safe base – Every day is organised around a structured timetable, with predictable routines. Displays offer opportunities for regular chats around emotions and behaviours, with positive pointers to appropriate decision making and acceptable actions.
  3. Developing your self-esteem – A focus on respect, trust, fair play, friendship, team work, listening and talking time. We aim to engage you in every activity, helping model positive interactions and managing behaviour, to achieve positive results. You are noticed for progress, effort and attainment in academic areas but especially in social skills and emotional development .We encourage ‘green behaviour’ (i.e. using appropriate language, staying in the classroom, following instructions).
  4. Language is important – We talk openly about behaviours and emotions, choices and actions. Staff model appropriate vocabulary and remind you about respecting each other, and sharing positive comments where appropriate.  Everyone is encouraged to think as a team, so we support each other with kindness, listening skills and positive verbal responses.
  5. All behaviour is communication – We are consistent, calm, safe and trusted by you. We talk about what is happening, of positive exit behaviour strategies, providing calm down time. Afterwards discussing the incident and how we can help prevent it in the future – behaviour and emotions can be separated. Often it is a behaviour not you, but you can take responsibility with support – e.g. an angry outburst is an emotion, fuelled by adrenalin hormone, a physical reaction which can then be managed through positive behaviour choices.
  6. Transitions are significant in your life – A key success to our Schools is that you have an opportunity to feel more secure, develop confidence and re-engage through the specialist and supportive curriculum.

Student voice:   We offer you a variety of ways to become involved with your learning and school via: Student Council; Key Worker Teacher/Tutors; learning review and reintegration meetings; Y6, Y9 and Y11 Transition plans; extra-curricular opportunities-Arts Award-Bronze, RYA Water Skills Award, charitable fund raising events ; links to the world of work; progression to post-16 courses; parent/carer meetings.

What our students say:

“Teachers are helpful.”

“The School helped me with my anger.”

“You can settle quickly.”

“There are kind staff and people.”

“You can make friends.”

“Parents are informed after every day at school.”

“Fun activities like trips to sailing, surfing, circus skills, cooking, forest school.”

“You can go out on trips as a reward for good behaviour and team work.”

“This has given me a second chance.”

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