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Restormel OFSTED 2016 Inspection Letter

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Restormel AP Academy is based in St Austell in Mid-Cornwall; a region that includes some of the most socially and economically deprived areas within Cornwall.  Restormel AP Academy provides a warm, caring and individualised learning experience for pupils whose behaviour has hindered their progress in mainstream school. We strive to re-engage our pupils with learning, by maintaining a calm working atmosphere, and supporting positive change in the way our pupils choose to behave.
We provide places for those young people from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 who have been permanently excluded from school, or who are on intervention programmes because of their behaviour.


Restormel AP Academy Deed of Variation – 24 November 2016

Restormel APA PPSG Declaration of Interests 2016

Restormel PPSG Committee Attendance 2015-2016

Staff Biographies


Clare Barden  – Principal

Clare completed her Degree in London, and moved to Cornwall in 1992. She worked for a few years in a Secure Unit for adults with Severe Learning Disabilites in Falmouth, before completing her PGCE in London in 1996 and working at Pool School (now Academy) for 10 years. In 2007 she took up post as Deputy at Penwith AP Academy, before taking the post of Head at Restormel APA in February 2015. Clare is passionate about giving vulnerable young people every possible opportunity to succeed in life, striving for ways to help them academically, socially and emotionally. Her interests outside of work include playing saxophone and keyboards, walking, travelling, gardening, cooking…..and sleeping!


20160222_131322_resizedLianne Ward, Vice Principal & SENCo:

Lianne Ward has been a teacher for 18 years after completing her education degree in Cardiff. She then spent 13 years employed as a Year 6 teacher in a local Primary school. In 2002, Lianne travelled the world for 2 years which also gave her the opportunity to work as a teacher in Peru and Thailand. In 2011, she was appointed lead teacher of an area based Nurture Group as part of Restormel AP Academy before taking on  the post of Vice Principal and SENDCo. Lianne is passionate about providing positive educational experiences for our vulnerable pupils. In her spare time she enjoys being active, sewing and spending time with her family.


Gemma Phillips, Family Support Manager

I graduated in 2011 from the University of Plymouth with a BSc (hons) in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies. I spent a lot of time working with offenders and their families during study for my degree on work placements in Prisons across the South West. I have always been passionate about the maintenance of positive family ties and therefore I conducted a dissertation research project within this field. I have since worked within the Prison Service in Kent, focusing my work on offenders and their families as a Family Liaison Officer as well as creating educational opportunities for offenders. I set up and launched a successful distance learning project for offenders through the Open University, “The Open Academy” within a Prison. Following this I have worked with children and young people within a secondary school in Kent launching an alternative provision setting. I am passionate about supporting young people and their families and ensuring that everyone has opportunities to be successful. My interests include travelling, cooking, reading, socialising and being active, as well as spending time with my family.


Some comments from our parents and visitors:

A trainer who delivered a recent twilight INSET session wrote to the Principal  ‘Sincerely, thank you for your warmth of welcome.  Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful staff for being proactive and for having such a can do, will do attitude when I delivered the Effective Questioning Inset’.

‘On Monday I went to get the primary lunches from the kitchen, A greeted me with a lovely smile and offered to help me with the tray and doors in to the primary wing. When she came in to primary she was very polite and respectful’

An agency we work with reports that our staff are really positive and committed, and are making a big difference to our young people. They liaise well and are always welcoming and effective.

One of our schools said that Restormel AP Academy had an amazing atmosphere. It is a calm and happy place. She thinks we are doing an amazing job and she is pleased when she can get some students to come here.

‘The school felt ‘safe, nurturing, caring and calm’

‘Being here with us has helped J enormously, and has helped to bring ‘the old J back’.

‘I have never had so much support from a school in order to get the help J needs’. She felt that this school was the best thing that had happened to J.

An agency we work with fed back that the 4 students they work with are all enjoying school and also said that there was a great atmosphere in the school.

Another agency said that the environment at Restormel feels really lovely.

‘A big thank you to you for the help and support you have given to J since he started here. She said that we have made a big difference.’


Restormel December 2016 Newsletter

Our Curriculum

Our individualised curriculum is designed to enable students to develop a sense of personal responsibility towards learning in collaboration with their teachers and support staff. Progress is monitored carefully and targets are designed to challenge and provide opportunity for progression.

Key Stage 1 and 2

Students in Key Stage 2 receive a varied curriculum that aims to raise academic achievement and improve their social, emotional and behavioural skills in order for them to successfully access learning and reintegration to a mainstream setting where appropriate. We base our programme of studies on the Inspire Curriculum which is adapted to meet the needs of individual students.  Students have access to daily literacy, numeracy, project work and weekly off-site PE. Staff use a Thrive approach to maximize opportunities for students to fill in their identified developmental gaps and emphasis is placed on developing social skills, resilience and self-regulation. They also access swimming in the Summer term. Targeted students have access to a weekly group or 1:1 Counselling Session with a trained counsellor.

Key Stage 3

Students in a Key Stage 3 group will receive a full and varied curriculum which includes:  English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, Home Cooking Skills, History, Land-based Studies option and PE. Targeted students also have access to a weekly group or 1:1 Counselling Session with a trained counsellor. Raising Literacy and daily reading remain a key focus during Key Stage 3. Most Key Stage 3 students access a six-week Outdoor Education Programme run by Outside Providers, but supported by Restormel staff.

Key Stage 4

Students in Key Stage 4 will be progressing towards various qualifications including: GCSE English Language, English Literature (optional), Mathematics and Science. They will also have the opportunity to study Functional Skills English and Maths Level 1 and/or 2, BTEC Level 1 Land-based Studies, Vocational Studies, Level 2 Home Cooking Skills and Asdan Certificate of Personal Effectiveness. The curriculum at Key Stage 4 is often highly individualized and is enriched with Life skills/PSHE, a variety or PE opportunities, bi-weekly access to our Learning Farm facilities, plus access to a weekly group or 1:1 Counselling Session with a trained counsellor.



Sample timetables for KS1 & KS2

Marking Expectations


Restormel AP Academy Progress and Attainment Data – Spring Term 2017

Referrals to APAs are made through the pupil placement panel. Please contact the secretary to discuss referral at your local APA.

When considering the placement of pupils into an APA, the panel must consider not only the appropriateness of the placement for the pupil referred but also the effect the placement will have on the wider group. The decision of the APA Headteacher as to the suitability of the placement in their APA will be the determining factor over placement in any particular APA. The Executive Principle of the Multi Academy Trust will ensure that the MAT meets its obligations in discharging the Local Authority’s statutory duties with regard to Section 19 of the 1986 Education act (the full time education of permanently excluded, medical and other pupils). AP Academies are not an alternative to special schools for pupils with statements of SEN. They are a mainstream provision able to offer intervention and assessment placements for pupils with statements whose behaviour is preventing them from succeeding in a mainstream setting.

You can contact the school using the following information:

Restormel APA
Great Eastern and Great Western
The Sidings
Brunel Business Park
St Austell
PL25 4TJ

Telephone: 01726 61003


Principal and Main Contact: Clare Barden

Chair of the PPSG: Richard Cardigan